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The Accounting & Income Tax Center has 25 years of accounting experience and is a professional group of accountants, tax experts, and small business specialists offering a full range of accounting, tax, payroll, QuickBooks, bookkeeping, and consulting services to individuals, small businesses, Sub S corps, and corporations. We provide the education and tax resources to minimize your taxes. Our Ask a Tax Expert program and Ask the Accountant service gives free tax advice from accountants. Get Free Live Accounting Help and tax help from tax experts. Ask the accountant for free accounting advice online.

Our income tax professionals are authorized by the IRS an an E-file provider in the US and all 50 states for tax preparation of Form 1040, Form 1120S, Form 1065, and other tax return forms. Ask a Tax Expert or accountant for online free tax advice.

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  • Sub S Corporations (Form 1120S)
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  • C Corporations (Form 1120)
  • Sole Prop - Self Employed (Sch C)
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Individuals (Form 1040)
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Sign up and get free bookkeeping help training, free online bookkeeping tutorials, free bookkeeping software advice, free online bookkeeping help courses, and free small business bookkeeping help. Be the best you can be and take advantage of all our services. We prepare and file your 1040 taxes free with your corporate tax return.

Choosing a Tax Accountant

Every business needs a good accountant and tax expert from day one who will save you money and give free tax advice, free bookkeeping help and free accounting advice. We offer QuickBooks accounting software training through our QuickBooks ask accountant program. Don't say that you will wait till you start making money. Immediate decisions must be made such as how to document your start up costs and what type of records are required to be kept. Maybe you need help choosing the right type of entity to form your business. Maybe you need help selecting bookkeeping software. And of course there are thousands of tax deductions available. Make sure your accountant knows a QuickBooks expert since that is a popular accounting software.

Get a tax expert accountant who gives free tax advice and free accounting advice and ask the partner of the firm if he does YOUR taxes or just some inexperienced tax accountant who recently graduated working in the back office. And then of course, find an accounting firm that offers accounting services at a fixed reasonable fee. Forget about those hourly rates of $100, $200, or $300.

Get the tax help and accounting help your need right away. Learn about our free 1040 tax return filing program and take advantage of our free efile. Get your company records and books set up from the inception. Ask your accountant if he will help you incorporate your small business.

Make sure you choose a full service accounting firm who provides a wide range of accounting services.

Our Income Tax Experts, Small Business Accountants and Small Business Specialists will answer any tax question. Get free tax expert help and free tax advice and free accounting advice on:

Tax returns, tax preparation, tax refunds, tax forms, small business taxes, small business accounting services, income taxes, self employment taxes, capital gains tax, tax software, S corporations, corporate taxes, IRS tax help, incorporating your business, accounting, free bookkeeping help, first time homebuyers credit, or any other tax topic.

We are headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Our primary service areas are Coral Springs FL; Pompano Beach FL; Boca Raton FL; Parkland and Ft Lauderdale FL. Our other service areas include Jacksonville, Pensacola, Ft Myers, Sarasota, Miami, Ft Myers, and Orlando. We have many clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, California, and all other the United States.


Our Accountants, Income Tax Experts, and Small Business Specialists offer:

  • Free Accounting Advice

  • Free Tax Advice

  • Free Bookkeeping Advice

  • Free QuickBooks Advice

  • Ask the Accountant about the 2014 Tax Law Changes !


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