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free accounting advice Excellent coverage of all areas of Congress.

Federal tax code online The complete code with embedded hyperlinks for quick searches and a WAIS based full-text search engine.

FedWorld An excellent source for government information, documents, and files on taxes and just about anything else related to the federal government.

FTA - Federation of Tax Administrators: A non-profit association representing the major state tax collection agencies.

InvestorGuide An excellent guide to investing on the Web.

IRS The Internal Revenue Service's very own home page.

NACTP The National Association of Computerized Tax Processors.

NAEA National Association of Enrolled Agents.

NATP The National Association of Tax Professionals.

Small Business Advancement National Center  Resources & information for small business owners.

Small Business Taxes & Management Tax and management guidance for small and medium sized businesses since 1980.

Security Administration online  SSA - Information on benefits, services, etc.

Taxing Subjects News for the Tax Professional.

The Tax Prophet An extensive collection of articles on a broad range of tax subjects. Financial & tax information & much more for older adults.

Thomas Legislative Information The latest legislative news and information from both the house and senate.

U.S. Code The complete code from the House of Representatives.

House of Representatives Information regarding legislation, members, committee, etc.




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Real live accountants and income tax experts offering individuals and small businesses:

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  • Free income tax help
  • Free tax advice

Ask a Accounting Expert any tax or accounting question for free.


Your tax accountant should be the foundation of your organization for accounting advice. Just ask for accounting and tax advice when you have questions about:
  • Small business taxes
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash management
  • Accounting software
  • Business record keeping
  • Buying and selling a business
  • S corporations
  • QuickBooks
  • Incorporation choices

Your tax accountant can provide you with the knowledge to make smart business decisions in running your business effectively and to achieve the maximum growth potential of your business.

Your tax accountant is your lifeline to:

  • Free Accounting advice
  • Free Tax Advice
  • Tax Answers
  • Smart Decisions
  • Business Solutions


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Free Accounting Advice - Free Tax Advice - Free Income Tax Help

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