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business incorporation services


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        ·        What is the difference between an "S" and a "C" and an LLC corporation?  

·        What is the best choice of entity for my type of business?

·          Do I need an attorney to incorporate?  

·        How do I know if my name is available?

·        How do I name my corporation?

·        What are the benefits of incorporating?

·        What is a Registered Agent?

·        How many Directors/Shareholders do I need?

·        How many shares of stock should I choose, and at what par value?

·        What is a Federal Tax Identification Number or EIN?  

·        What forms do I need to incorporate?

·        Do I need a fictitious name?

·          What do I need to do AFTER I incorporate?  


Why Incorporate?

Most legal and tax professionals agree that if your business is not incorporated you may be throwing away thousands of dollars in tax savings and deductions.

In addition, all of your personal assets such as your home, cars, boats, savings and investments may be at risk and could be used to satisfy any law suits, debt or liability incurred by the business. Forming a Corporation can provide the protection and tax savings needed to give you peace of mind and make your business even more successful and profitable.

Some Benefits Include:

Liability Protection: Properly forming and maintaining a corporation will usually provide personal liability protection to the owners or shareholders of the corporation for any debt or liability incurred by the business. Personal liability of the shareholders is normally limited to the amount of money invested in the corporation.

Tax Advantages: Another benefit is that a corporation can be structured many ways to provide substantial tax savings. You can minimize self-employment taxes and increase the number of allowable deductions lowering the taxes you pay on the income from the business. Many corporations structure retirement and tax deferred savings plans for their owners and employees which can provide even greater tax savings.

IRS Audit: Due to the complexity of corporations and time required to train IRS agents, a large majority of audits is targeted at the sole proprietor and not the corporation.  

Limited Liability Companies    

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Who should form an LLC?
  • Should I choose an LLC or an S corporation?
  • What is an LLC Operating Agreement?
  • Do I need to have an Operating Agreement?
  • Must I hold LLC meetings?
  • Exceptions to Limited Liability  

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